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Record Solutions is now iCopy Legal

We're increasing our reach by merging with iCopy Legal. Learn more about the services we can provide to save you time!


Record Solutions is a nationwide medical record retrieval business for attorneys offices. We are based in Delta, Colorado and collect materials for law offices across the country. We know that your paralegal's time is precious and record collection is very time intensive. Let us take the burden away from your staff. 

Our staff is extensively trained to handle the various situations that arise. We understand that your clients are real people with real life situations and do everything in our power to obtain materials in an efficient manner, so you can best serve them. 

We have an online portal so you can access your clients requests, documents and communications from our staff. We have streamlined the process to make all your requests easy to track. We know that it is a difficult choice and there are many options for your retrieval needs. Please see our reviews to help aid your decision. Choosing the right retrieval service is vital to ensuring the continued success of your cases. 

At Record Solutions it is our goal to feel like an extension of your office, rather than a separate entity. We have witnessed that good communication and consistency between our two office provides the best outcome for all of your requests. It is this philosophy that allows us to create long standing and fruitful relationships with all our clients. We are the last retrieval service you will ever need.

We are the solution and affordability that you have been searching for.

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