We Specialize in Record Retrieval Services:

  • Medical Records 

  • Itemized Billing Statements

  • Radiology Images

  • Tax Transcripts

  • Education Records

  • Employment Records

  • Autopsy Reports

  • Fluoroscopy Photos

  • Digital Photos

  • Social Security Claim Files

  • Worker's Compensation Claim Files

  • Pharmacy Ledgers

  • Affidavit of Billing Records

  • Open records requests from Police Departments and DA offices

  • Medical records and billing summaries

  • Records and Billing analysis for missing dates of service

Our services are always evolving. If there is a need not listed contact us to discuss a personalized service.

How We Do It

Research providers, so you don't have to

  • Including ER physician, Radiology and Anesthesia billing companies associated with all hospitals that you need.

Meticulous follow up procedures

  • Our team does this by forming and maintaining great relationships with the providers we request from. This is fundamental in medical record retrieval.

Electronic delivery solutions

  • Our company has a secure portal that providers are more comfortable with than other electronic platforms. 

We never cut corners

  • Our company utilizes all tools available such as: FedEx labels, tracking numbers, courier services, overnight mailing and other methods to ensure all documents are received without delay.

Mobile Notaries​

  • Getting an affidavit notarized can be a road block for most, but we have a relationships and resources to find mobile notaries nationwide.

Why Choose Us:

​Competitive rates

  • We know there are a lot of options for you to choose from. That's why we decided to be different. Text, Call or Email to find what sets us apart.

Personalized Service

  • From start to finish you will have the same medical records expert assisting you. We have put an end to the phone tree frustration and confusion.

Flexible Office Hours

  • If you are at the office at 8pm working on a case in litigation and have a question, we are here.

Commitment to Excellence

  • At Record Solutions, LLC we pride ourselves on service, speed and efficiency. We hold ourselves to the highest standard.

Online HIPAA compliant portal​

  • Submit requests, read our notes, make your own notes, ask questions and download records all in one place. You receive alerts, summaries of your clients requests and reminders if we need something from you. 

Nationwide requests

  • Don't let our location fool you. We can get records from anywhere in the country. We have even obtained records from another country. Nothing is out of reach with our team.