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What We Do

Materials we obtain:

  • Medical Records 

  • Itemized Billing Statements

  • Radiology Images

  • Education Records

  • Employment Records

  • Autopsy Reports

  • Fluoroscopy Photos

  • Digital Photos

  • Social Security Claim Files

  • Worker's Compensation Claim Files

  • Pharmacy Ledgers

  • Affidavit of Medical and Billing Records

  • Open records requests from Police Departments and DA offices

Additional Services Offered: 

  • Medical records and billing summaries

  • Records and Billing analysis for missing dates of service

Our services are always evolving. If there is a need not listed contact us to discuss a personalized service.

How We Do It

Research providers, so you don't have to

  • Including ER physician, Radiology and Anesthesia billing companies associated with all hospitals that you need.

Meticulous follow up procedures

  • Our staff follow up on requests pursuant to provider requirements with scheduled dates, times and various methods of communication. This is fundamental in medical record retrieval.

Electronic delivery solutions

  • Our company has a secure portal that providers are more comfortable with than other electronic platforms. This allows us to receive more records electronically than some other services. 

We never cut corners

  • Our company utilizes all tools available such as: UPS labels, tracking numbers, courier services, overnight mailing and other methods to ensure all documents are received without delay.

Mobile Notaries​

  • Getting an affidavit notarized can be a road block for most, but we have  relationships and resources to find mobile notaries nationwide.

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